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    IMSA Ltd offer a range of ISPS code training courses. Other services include planning operations and consultancy.

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    IMSA Ltd run regular ISPS code training courses including SSO, PDSD, PSA, CSO & PFSO at our venue in Poole, UK. We also deliver training worldwide at a clients’ location and on board, at sea or in...

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    IMSA Ltd has experience in planning and executing operations in relation to anti-piracy, ship security and project security.

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    IMSA Ltd offer ISPS code verification and conceptual design services.

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    Latest News

    Read some of the latest news stories, articles and blog posts from IMSA Ltd.

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Independent Maritime Security Associates (IMSA)

IMSA Ltd is an association of maritime security professionals. IMSA  Associates have first-hand, in-depth knowledge of the maritime security industry and the provision of maritime security. This capability derives from skills learned in the UK Armed Forces and subsequently practiced extensively worldwide in commercial and military operations.

IMSA is a signatory of The International Code of Conduct for Private Security Providers (ICoC) and adheres to the UN Voluntary Principals on Security and Human Rights.

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Protecting Maritime Assets Worldwide

Independent Maritime Security Associates – IMSA – is a long established UK-based company run by seafarers, with this Mission:

“…to provide shipping and allied industries with an unmatched, complete, affordable and legitimate maritime security service, so that ship and port operators can feel confident they have made correct and sufficient provision for the security of their people, assets and operations.”


  • Surveys operations and assets
  • Analyses maritime risks
  • Trains you and your people
  • Provides real time intelligence, forecasts and routeing advice
  • Assembles and implements mitigating & hardening SPM measures
  • Provides former UK Royal Navy and Royal Marines operatives to guard, mentor, train and assist your people and assets at sea
  • Advises on and arranges insurance for your voyage or operation

IMSA  can take the worrisome burden of security considerations off you by:

  • Conducting in-depth Anti-piracy Ship Security Assessments
  • Assisting with Hardening & Self Protection Measures (SPM)
  • Establishing, equipping & designing the SOPs for a Citadel
  • Training your people, either as a team or individually

All in accordance with Industry BMP4

IMSA's Mission

IMSA’s mission is to offer the international maritime industry an unmatched maritime security service, drawing on the unique skills, knowledge and experience of its Associates.


IMSA Associates are drawn from a wide range of individuals with experience in every aspect of maritime security. Many come from lengthy military service in some of the premier Maritime Counter Terrorist/Maritime Security organisations in the world. Others have Police/Law Enforcement credentials.

Whilst many security providers offer Maritime Security Services, few have dedicated Maritime Security specialists. Many IMSA Associates have experience of working in the maritime sector onboard commercial vessels, cruise ships, super yachts and offshore installations and are STCW rated. IMSA can offer this expertise on an outsourcing basis to provide customers with current, up-to-date and experienced associates whose skills are constantly being tested and updated across the whole spectrum of Maritime Security Provision.

All IMSA Associates are well accustomed to working in the commercial maritime sector.


There has been a sea change in the way that the maritime industry approaches maritime security since the adoption of the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code in 2004. The Code brought home to all, that security is everybody’s concern, and thus a requirement arose to train many more people at junior level. IMSA can provide such training, either to groups of workers or by training the customer’s own trainers.

With the world’s increasing dependence on international trade, it is widely assumed that there is a corresponding and increasing threat to the shipping industry and the supply chain. The effective protection of ships, ports and terminals has taken on a new importance, and IMSA is optimally placed to help bring about all aspects of such security provision.

IMSA offers expertise, skills, and comprehensive links and contacts across the maritime security industry. All this, combined with an affinity with the latest technology, helps customers arrive at cost effective solutions to their maritime security needs, invariably improving their operational effectiveness at the same time.

IMSA brings unmatched operational experience and the widest set of maritime skills, which together make IMSA any company’s first choice for maritime security advice, provision and personnel.

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IMSA's Training Course Schedule

IMSA runs regular SSO, PFSO, PDSD and PSA training courses at our offices in Poole, UK. IMSA are proud to be a preferred supplier of the Career Transition Partnership and also adhere to the International Code of Conduct for Private Security Service Providers. IMSA is also a member of the Security Association for the Maritime Industry.

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Superyacht Crew Security Training
Commercial shipping Crew Security Training

Cruise Ship Crew Security Training
Training IMSA Poole


IMSA provides survey, preparation, hardening, training, mentoring and security to ships operating in piracy-prone areas…Read More


IMSA provides security consultancy on a range of projects from new build LNG production plants to specialised offshore operations…Read More

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