Conceptual Design

Increasingly, when there are assets, people or both to be secured, an holistic approach is called for. This will not simply address the component parts of the task, but it will also look more widely at how long- term developing requirements can be catered for. This will include considerations of how protection can be provided more cost-effectively, leading eventually to greater operational effectiveness.

IMSA with its experiences in providing ISPS Code implementation in some of the world’s largest ports and technical knowledge of equipment available has been involved from the front-end engineering design stage in designing and stipulating unique security solutions. Some of these have been computer modelled, in some cases providing architects and engineers with a first intimation at how their project is going to look in real life. Projects have varied from a combined security protection system for 7 separate port facilities in a Mediterranean port to a fortress-type protection system for an LNG production plant in West Africa.

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