Transiting through or Operating in High Risk Areas

Although the number of attacks continues to remain low, the threat of Somali piracy is still clearly evident.“  IMB April 2014

As the number of attacks by Somali based pirates against shipping has reduced, the biggest danger facing seafarers is complacency, either by the crews themselves or by shipping companies who employ them. Can companies continue to justify the high costs of employing armed security teams?

In West Africa piracy continues to be a major problem for the offshore oil and gas, and shipping industries. Armed security provision onboard vessels can be a problem as the carriage of firearms is restricted only to local government security forces (GSF) in coastal waters of many states. The professionalism of local GSF has been brought into question from time to time.

Independent Maritime Security Associates can provide the solution to these problems. We employ highly experienced and well trained maritime security specialists who work as unarmed Maritime Security Liaison Officers (MSLOs) onboard to advise the master. They mentor and train the officers and crew to prepare the ship whilst transiting through or operating in High Risk Areas.

Our MSLOs will advise and assist with the implementation of Ship Protection Measures (SPMs), Industry Best Management Practices (BMPs) and the planning, preparation and use of a Citadel. The MSLOs will assist with watch keeping duties ensuring prompt reporting of any suspicious activity in the vicinity of the vessel.

IMSA is a long established maritime security company, with many years experience of operations in high risk areas. The company was a founder member of the maritime security industry’s trade association SAMI, which ensures standards across the industry, and IMSA continues to be at the forefront of initiatives to regulate and safeguard maritime security provision.

“OBP is concerned about the level of attacks in the Gulf of Guinea region and the risk this poses for seafarers working on vessels in the region.” Oceans Beyond Piracy