IMSA featured in the July edition of Nautilus Telegraph discussing the new mandatory security training for all seafarers

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IMSA featured in the May edition of Shipping and Marine Magazine profiling our in-depth knowledge and experience in ISPS code compliance and training.


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Shipping & Marine Magazine

Article by Nick Williams – Chief Training Officer IMSA





The Manila Amendments: More Security Legislation for Shipping Companies or a Positive Step for the Safety & Security of Seafarers?

 “All involved in the enterprise of shipping – ashore and on board – have a role to play and a right to live and work within a secure environment.” - Captain Steven Jones 2012

The STCW Convention and Code as amended by the Manila amendments (2010) contains new requirements regarding security training. This training is required by all personnel employed or engaged on board ships to which the ISPS Code applies. These regulations came into force on 1 January 2012 (MCA instructions dated 31st July 2012)

Simply complying with statutory regulations is only the beginning of ensuring an effective security regime on board a ship.

The ship is a seafarer’s home and needs to be protected as such. All involved in the enterprise of shipping – ashore and on board – have a role to play and a right to live and work within a secure environment. Compliance with international, national and company regulations is not the end of the process, rather the beginning.”

The Manila Amendments have been introduced on the back of increased piracy and violence against seafarers around the world. The international community have put into place certain measures to combat this menace in the Indian Ocean and Gulf of Guinea, but ships and their crews remain vulnerable in many other parts of the world

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BBC Radio 4 interview with John Twiss (COO IMSA)

Somali pirates attack an unarmed vessel where John Twiss was providing security to the vessel. A Citadel (safe room) was quickly created and emergency communications put in place in order to secure the crew on the vessel.

John says ” … we knew we were quite vulnerable due to the very nature of the vessel. It’s very much down to our experience and skill set to be able to put in place measures to secure the crew if the vessel is boarded…”

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SAMI Stage 1 Accreditation

Based on the report from the independent verification company, we are pleased to announce that IMSA Ltd has successfully passed STAGE 1 of the SAMI Standard Private Maritime Security Company (PMSC) accreditation programme. Click here to go to the SAMI website