IMSA featured in the July edition of Nautilus Telegraph discussing the new mandatory security training for all seafarers

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IMSA featured in the May edition of Shipping and Marine Magazine profiling our in-depth knowledge and experience in ISPS code compliance and training.


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Shipping & Marine Magazine

BBC Radio Sussex interviews John Twiss, Chief Operating Officer IMSA Ltd

Listen in on this interview as our Chief Operating Officer, John Twiss talks to Danny Pike of BBC Radio Sussex. With the Office of National Statistics showing that self employment has risen by over one third since the economic downturn in 2008, John shares why and how he set up IMSA Ltd at the age of 50


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Article featuring John Twiss, Chief Operating Officer, IMSA Ltd

7th January 2013

The Gulf of Guinea at the hands of the pirates

IMSA Ltd Chief Operating Officer, John Twiss discusses the piracy situation in the Gulf of Guinea with Sandra Moro.

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Article by Nick Williams – Chief Training Officer IMSA





The Manila Amendments: More Security Legislation for Shipping Companies or a Positive Step for the Safety & Security of Seafarers?

 “All involved in the enterprise of shipping – ashore and on board – have a role to play and a right to live and work within a secure environment.” - Captain Steven Jones 2012

The STCW Convention and Code as amended by the Manila amendments (2010) contains new requirements regarding security training. This training is required by all personnel employed or engaged on board ships to which the ISPS Code applies. These regulations came into force on 1 January 2012 (MCA instructions dated 31st July 2012)

Simply complying with statutory regulations is only the beginning of ensuring an effective security regime on board a ship.

The ship is a seafarer’s home and needs to be protected as such. All involved in the enterprise of shipping – ashore and on board – have a role to play and a right to live and work within a secure environment. Compliance with international, national and company regulations is not the end of the process, rather the beginning.”

The Manila Amendments have been introduced on the back of increased piracy and violence against seafarers around the world. The international community have put into place certain measures to combat this menace in the Indian Ocean and Gulf of Guinea, but ships and their crews remain vulnerable in many other parts of the world

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BBC Radio 4 interview with John Twiss (COO IMSA)

Somali pirates attack an unarmed vessel where John Twiss was providing security to the vessel. A Citadel (safe room) was quickly created and emergency communications put in place in order to secure the crew on the vessel.

John says ” … we knew we were quite vulnerable due to the very nature of the vessel. It’s very much down to our experience and skill set to be able to put in place measures to secure the crew if the vessel is boarded…”

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John Twiss (COO IMSA) has an encounter with Pirates off East African Coast

  Meridian News

John says ” … we took upwards of 50 shots and rifle rounds into the bridge…..the pirates onto the bridge by smashing a window but once on the bridge they could not get into the rest of the ship due to counter measures we had put in down below….”
Meridian TV : “…He got the crew into a locked citadel, a safe room, and sent SOS calls as the pirates tried to force their way in…”

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SAMI Stage 1 Accreditation

Based on the report from the independent verification company, we are pleased to announce that IMSA Ltd has successfully passed STAGE 1 of the SAMI Standard Private Maritime Security Company (PMSC) accreditation programme. Click here to go to the SAMI website

Managing Security Risk in West Africa 26 April 2012

IMSA in conjunction with Bergen Risk Solutions is delivering a workshop on Managing Security Risk in West Africa.

  • How has the piracy threat evolved in this region?
  • The tactics pirates are adopting
  • What similarities can be drawn with Somalia and the protection measures adopted there
  • How can you update your security strategy to protect your assets when operating in West Africa

The 11th Official Combating Piracy update
Managing Security Risk in West Africa 26 April 2012 Hamburg

Training News for 2011

During 2011 IMSA’s training department and associated trainers trained over 490 delegates in different ISPS code and maritime security related training courses. IMSA ran 20 SSO (plus+) and 3 PFSO, publicly advertised courses at our training facility in Poole Dorset. A number of privately arranged CSO courses were also conducted.

IMSA were contracted to carry out corporate PFSO training for a number of oil and gas facilities in the United Kingdom. Our associates also carried out corporate ISPS training courses in France, Yemen and Bahrain. A number of SSO courses were conducted by IMSA on behalf of another PMSC.

As a preferred supplier IMSA also undertake SSO (plus+) training for the MOD Career Transition Partnership at the Regional Resettlement Centre, Portsmouth.
IMSA prides itself on the quality of its instructors and the standard of courses delivered. The training department is looking forward to continued growth in 2012, with training currently being arranged for clients both in the United Kingdom and abroad. IMSA can tailor its training courses to the client’s individual needs. For more information regarding your training requirements please contact IMSA and ask for the training department.

Security Association for the Maritime Industry Citadel Symposium Wednesday 30th November 2011 London

Mr John Twiss IMSA’s Chief Operating Officer gave a presentation on the importance of citadels to this maritime industry symposium. He was speaking on his personal experiences of designing and preparing citadels on merchant vessels operating in high risk areas.

It was during October 2010 whilst taking charge of an unarmed transit of a slow moving vessel off the East African Coast. The vessel was attacked under fire and boarded by Somalian pirates. John had to take the crew and the security team into the ships citadel. Due to a fully layered defence the pirates could not gain access into the main superstructure and didn’t get anywhere near the well prepared citadel.

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IMSA’s consultants specialise in piracy specific vessel audits, training and citadel design.