Here are just a few of the kind words we have received from our clients about our services, training courses and consultancy.

“I attended the PFSO course and I was very happy with the amount of information given and Nick Williams (trainer) great experience and passion about the subject and his willingness to impart his immense subject matter knowledge. This is spoken from a security consultant with over 18 years industry experience”

Anthony Nolan

“I enjoyed how well the CSO course was put across and also the great interaction”

Martin Weaver

“An instructor with banks of knowledge from years of individual experiences contributed to a high quality course with a relaxed yet professional delivery”

S. Hill

“Really well delivered and great structure to SSO course. Great facilities and the instructor was incredibly knowledgeable and experienced and enthusiastic when delivering the course. I would highly recommend the course”

Ben Salmon

“The trainer was very helpful in dealing with real life development of the vessels security organisation, based on ‘Private Motor Yacht’. It was great to have 1:1 training and share experiences and real life incidents with the trainer. I would recommend the trainer and the company to all yachting companies as they have ‘real life’ experience in ISPS”

Frazer Toulmin Second Officer, MY 6711

“I attended the PDSD course with a great trainer, very professional”

Stuart Summerell

“I loved the PDSD course which was most informative and enjoyable. I really enjoyed the scenario discussions”

Chante Bradfield, MY 6711

“The PFSO course was well delivered with great content in a relaxed atmosphere which made the experience very enjoyable which allowed for the high content material to be absorbed”

Graham Fairchild

“I very much enjoyed the interaction and information on the PFSO course”

Kerry Harrison


“The PDSD course was well balanced and well delivered in a relaxed environment with good content, personal interaction and group discussion. An overall positive experience”


“The training was a very positive experience for me initially as I needed backup to the rules I had been laying down. There was an utter and complete lack of understanding, no baseline to start with and just blank looks from everyone previously. Since the training we have a mutual starting point, somewhere to move forward to and a goal as well. We have managed a few drills and table top sessions and the search assignments and compartment diagrams are also being prepared. We now have procedures in place and the underlying understanding for exactly WHY we do that. ”

Captain, Superyacht Mediterranean

“Thank you for your excellent training and we look forward to having you on board again. I know all the crew certainly enjoyed the security refresher and the great way in which you delivered it. Everyone has spoken very highly of you and your training style”

SSO, Superyacht Mediterranean

“Fantastic trainer, great information and stories/experiences of piracy attacks. Please come back and train us again!”

Julia - Senior Housekeeper, Superyacht Mediterranean

“Up to date information regarding international incidents. All relevant and projected consisely to all levels of crew”

Sophia - Purser, Superyacht Mediterranean

“The PSA training was very educational and safety awareness was learned with great visual aids and shared stories & experiences”

Irisa - Housekeeper, Superyacht Mediterranean

“Great PDSD course and I was able to gain more indepth knowledge delivered by highly qualified instructors”

Mark Wixon

“Superb! Incredibly enjoyable, informative and enlightening course”

Peter Edwards

“The trainer, Nick Williams, has alot of experience & did a good job with alot of interaction”

Jouke Dijkstra

“I was very pleased with all sessions in the PDSD course and both instructors were very easy to understand”

Smitti Hemdharry

” The PDSD course was presented well from a credible source and delivered with excellent knowledge”

Chris Henderson

” I have just attended the new PDSD course for seafarers and having already completed the SSO course 3 years ago, thought it would be good to refresh and update myself on any new thinking or legislation. As an MSO I found it really useful to know that in the future all seafarers will have a greater understanding of their responsibilities for security to others, the vessel and cargo, especially with the worldwide threat to the security of vessels.

The course itself was very well structured and more importantly aimed at the correct level. I really enjoyed the class participation exercise which brought together all the previous modules and put it all together.

Many thanks to Nick Williams (IMSA) for a very interesting couple of days and a well delivered course.”

Steve Wheeler MSO

” The course was superb, incredibly enjoyable and enlightening. The wealth of practical examples both visual and narrative was fantastic. It has totally changed my perception of security”

Peter Edwards

” Great course, excellent training. Very interactive and stimulating education”

Steve Turner

“I wanted to say thank you again for the great course that I had with you. I immediately found employment with a German company and just finished my first two transits from East Africa to the UAE. Currently I am on anchorage in Tanzania using the opportunity to access the Internet. Should you ever need a solid German operator for your projects, I more than happy to help..”

Rob (May 2012)

“Excellent Course a delivered to a high & enjoyable standard.”

Gaz (SSO Course 14 Aug 2012)

“A really good course with trainers with practical experience. I would highly recommend this course.”

Kevin (SSO Course 14 Aug 2012)

“This course is very well run and the trainers like to keep up to date and relevant with current trends.”

Peter (SSO Course 12 June)

“I would like to thank Nick and John for their experience and insight into hostile maritime security. The SSO course was delivered with an inspirational approach by two very experienced maritime security consultants.”

Kirk (SSO Course 12 June)

“Just to thank Nick and John for what was a great and very interesting week! Their enthusiasm for the subject clearly showed and I think we all drew from a wealth of experience which also painted a very realistic picture of the job in hand. Their honesty was much appreciated and it gave me a stable foundation to work from, I found the course meaningful and it gave me some insight as to what the Maritime Security Industry entails.”

Derek (PFSO Course 22 May)

“Thanks for the great course Royals. I will recommend it in the future. Poole is a great location but is in need of a few more Brit PARA’s. Take care, out.”

Andy (PFSO Course 22 May)

“Good course even after time in the maritime industry I feel I still learned relevant information.”

Matthew (PFSO Course 22 May)

“I would recommend IMSA as a thoroughly professional company prior to booking; they listened to my “needs” and recommended the correct course.”

Ian (PFSO Course)

“I enjoyed the workshop and the sessions. You demonstrated a vast knowledge of Nigeria and her neighbours, bitter though some of the truths are. I will definitely contact you in future if the opportunity calls.”

Nigerian Chief Executive Officer (W Africa piracy workshop in Hamburg)

“Overall I did enjoy the course, it was very informative. Having travelled from the USA to attend the course I am pleased with the result I could have been disappointed using another company.”

David (01 May 2012)

“A well Run Organise Course, with knowledgeable Trainers.”

Andrew (19 April 2012)

“Really enjoyed all aspects of the course, and was presented very professionally.”

James(05 April 2012)

“Very Knowledgeable, well delivered, a very good course.”

Mack (08 March 2012)

“Having taken part in several security (and not) Training Courses both in Civilian and Military Environments in my Career, Particularly in the last 4 years, I must say that rarely have I met a high level of Professionalism and Expertise.”

(23 Feb 2012)

“The practical experience that IMSA has to offer is invaluable, it’s great to be taught by professionals who have actually been there and don’t that, giving real life value to the subject being taught.”

Ian (13 Feb 2012)

“Thoroughly enjoyed the course, I have learnt about a whole new world. Would recommend to anyone requiring to enter ship security.”

Kelin (9 Feb 2012)

“Excellent course well-presented.”

David (9 Feb 2012)

“I have gone from very little knowledge about the maritime industry to a high level of basic understanding within 3 days. Whilst also covering the syllabus required for the SSO course. It has given me confidence in my ability to develop a good understanding of the maritime industry, which will stand me in good stead for my Career.”

Joseph (26 Jan 2012)

“A Good Structured Course with Numerous Real life Experiencers to reinforce all the information and key Points.”

Benn (Jan 2012)

“Excellent Subject Matter Knowledge, Good Training Facilities and Good Maritime Security Specific Information.”

Harry (Jan 2012)

“A well-presented straight forward and informative course, good value for money.”

Kev Derby

“Firstly, thank you and the Guys for a top course. Subject matter was delivered professionally and with humour, which even a infantier like myself could understand. Secondly, thanks for the “heads up” on recruiting company’s.”

Neal Dungate

“A well presented course on what is a complex subject with lots of questions, it was informative and straight talking, which to me is a very nice change from the University PC delivery that I have had to put up with.”

Mark, Plymouth

“I have had to attend 3 SSO courses since the inception of the ISPS code in 2002. I can honestly say this is by far the best course I have attended. Very informative and delivered by guys with unparalleled marsec knowledge, not just the ISPS code. Well recommended”

John, Master Mariner, UK

“Completed the course last week, essentially a topic that has been covered on many threads before but here goes.

I found it a good course to get the info I required and more importantly the tick in the box to proceed with companies that are now asking for it as a qualification from any future candidates.

Yes its a long couple of days sat doing power point but John and Nick do keep thing relevent and interesting where possible giving you the facts required and no fluffy outlook on the new career I had chosen.

Breaks were frequent and justified and the hot lunches were spot on. Plenty of time was available to ask any relevent questions and honest answers were given. An opportunity to talk with other people in the industry was also allowed to do a bit of networking, along with a few scoops in the bar on the second night.

Advice was given and gratefuly taken and the course was completed with that certificate I wanted and more importantly any prospective employers wanted.

Bottom line is this, before completing the course I would not have got an interview let alone a job with any company that I was looking to work for. It was just a bonus that it was completed in good surroundings of Poole and with IMSA. A week on and i’m getting my foot in the door with getting some interviews lined up, the rest is up to me.

best of luck in what you choose this is just my tupence worth.”

SSO Course Attendee

“The SSO+ course at IMSA was well spent time. The training is handled by experienced professionals and the + part of the course is a valuable add-on for both the maritime and the security industry. Good place to network!”

Odin Hjellestad, Norway

“Amusing and informal delivery, helped make a dry subject into a thoroughly enjoyable learning experience. No regrets coming. The Admin prior to the course was superb and I was kept informed every step of the way. IMSA Ltd couldn’t have been more helpful. I would fully recommend IMSA Ltd to anyone considering doing an SSO or PFSO course.”

M. Cruickshank, Croatia

“Many thanks guys, you gave us great insight into the maritime world, good in-depth knowledge. I would gladly speak to any potential client and give recommendations for IMSA Ltd.”

Paul Moynan

“A well run & structured course greatly enhanced by relating personal experience to the subject.”

Neil Clark

“I enjoyed the insight into the SSO course and found that the instruction on the subject was both open to the floor and very professionally put across. A great insight if you have no maritime experience.”

James Hamilton