Our Services

IMSA’s intention is to offer our clients an unrivalled personal service. Our associates are widely acknowledged as being amongst the most experienced security professionals in the world with expertise in the following disciplines:
  • Training
  • Consultancy
  • Project Management Coordination

Our associates have practical experience in the following areas of maritime security:

  • All aspects of ISPS code implementation
  • Maritime counter-terrorism
  • Ship and port operations
  • Offshore Oil & Gas projects
  • Offshore Cable laying & Survey operations
  • Super yacht industry

IMSA Training

IMSA’s training department teaches ISPS Code MCA approved Ship, Company and DfT accredited Port Facility Security Officer Courses, plus Proficiency in Security Awareness & Proficiency in Designated Security Duties courses. These are delivered at their dedicated training facility in Poole, Dorset.
They also deliver bespoke training for a wide varitey of clients, either at a facility of their choice, or onboard, which can prove very cost-effective.

IMSA Operations

IMSA’s approach to the provision of security for ships either transiting through, or operating in, High Risk Areas (HRAs) is different to that of many maritime security companies. IMSA believes that armed security is most often not the correct solution and that a high level of security can be provided by properly combining crew training, vessel preparation and the advice and support of unarmed Maritime Security Liaison Officers (MSLOs).
In the Indian Ocean the number of attacks by Somali based pirates has dropped dramatically, and this has led to complacency in many cases. Off West Africa the carriage of firearms is restricted only to local government security forces (GSF) in the coastal waters of most states, and this can be problematic.
IMSA only employs highly experienced and well-trained maritime security specialists who work as unarmed MSLOs. Their primary role is to advise the Master and to train all personnel onboard. Our MSLOs will advise and assist with the implementation of Ship Protection Measures (SPMs), Industry Best Management Practices (BMPs) and the planning, preparation and use of a Citadel. The MSLOs will assist with watch keeping duties ensuring prompt reporting of any suspicious activity in the vicinity of the vessel.
With the correct advice, efficient lookouts, proper planning and training, it is a proven fact that crews can get themselves into a place of safety onboard and can thwart pirates and armed robbers.
For more advice contact Nick Williams at nick.williams@imsaltd.com

IMSA Consultancy

Although IMSA’s people without exception, had many years of maritime security experience as individuals, the company cut its teeth providing consultancy advice for ports in the run-up to ISPS Code vesting day in 2004. The advice took the form of security audits and surveys of existing infrastructure and practices, assistance with writing port facility plans and implementation of new procedures to ensure compliance with the new Code. This advice was given to port authorities and governments, and the underlying added benefit was the improvement in efficiency that accompanied improved security procedures.

Subsequently the company has provided security consultancy on a range of projects from new build LNG production plants to specialised offshore operations in high risk areas, to the provision of interdiction craft to protect afloat assets.